Onu-Wahi is the region of earth on the island of Mata Nui.


Matoran AdventuresEdit

Onu-Wahi is the final non-boss (sixth) area that the player will encounter. The goal is to find the Turaga (Whenua), to find the several light torches (one per level section), and to find the exit to the level. The enemies are mixed with several enemies from different levels. There are no real new hazards, but sometimes when Bohrok emerge, the hole, if entered, will make the player fall to their death. The Bohrok are the same Bohrok encountered in Ga-Wahi. The main difference in the level is 1. how many parts there are and 2. it is harder to see, due to lack of light, and the best way to see is the light that shines upon the player (the light grows much larger after finding a torch, but returns to normal after a level section's completion. There are six or seven parts to this level.


Matoran AdventuresEdit



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