The Bahrag Twins are the Bohrok Queens.


Matoran AdventuresEdit

The Bohrok Queens, Cahdok and Gahdok, are fought in Onu-Wahi.

In-Game InfoEdit

Matoran AdventuresEdit

The Bahrag Twins are the final bosses, fought in Onu-Wahi. They fight exactly like Muaka, but are faster. Also, they have two life bars, one for each. Cahdok (red) is fought first, then Gahdok (blue) is fought. After their defeat a congratulatory level is played, which simply shows the six Matoran (Jaller, Macku, Onepu, Hewkii, Kongu, and Matoro) celebrating, along with the Turaga of the color of whichever Matoran the player was playing as.